Garbugli0 Cv!

Apr 2014 | “Public Design Festival” @Milan Design Week
Cooking on Q-Cina with MoMAng

Mar 2014 | “La Puglia che mangia differente” recipe’s book by Cucina Mancina – G0 contributes with one of its own recipes!

Jan – Mar 2014 | Garbugli0 @home @Private houses, Istanbul
Personal cook

Oct 2013- Jan 2014 | “L’aperitivo Italiano” @ Barba, Beyoglu – Istanbul
Event organization and cooking

Oct 2013 | Street Food Expo – Photographic contest
‘Hamsi tava’ selected to the exhibition @Rome, Italy

Sept 2013 | G0 becomes author in Cucina Mancina

Sep – Oct 2012 | Metti una sera a cena in via Rossini
Urban neighbourhood dinner project by XScape Lab @Lecce, Italy Graphic design and more

Aug 2012 | Food Art Awards 2012
Cronaca di una Papilla nel giorno del suo compleanno
Selected art installation @Castle, Ceglie Messapica, Italy

Apr 2012 | Buon Compleanno Garbugli0!
Pasta design workshop + delicious dinner @Marhabà Wine Bar, Molfetta, Italy

Jan 2012 | Garbugli0 has a logo! Graphic design

Oct 2011 | “Della geometria della Pasta How to choose the right type of pasta for a dinner with an Italian/architect”
Article published on Minimo n. 6 – Small periodical paper on architecture

Apr 2011 | Garbugli0’s birth


Garbugli0 is the italian word for keşmekeş. 
In english it sounds like tangle.

Imagine a kitchen where you can find cuisine tools, drawing pencils, colours and spices. Everything is melt and a simple sheet of paper can become tasty lasagna. For someone (like my mom), disorder represents just disorder. I believe that pushing and melting different things together something interesting can happen.
It’s like the Universe, just before the Big Bang.

Keşmekeş could be fertile, fruitful.


definizione garbuglio


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