My Milan Design week Chronicle [Later is better than never!]

First of all, let me reply to the most frequently asked question:

“What were you doing in Milan?”

garbugli0 momang milan

I was cooking on Q-Cina with my friends Momang: they have been selected by Esterni to participate to Public Design Festival during the super cool Design Week 2014.

public design festival
In Piazza XXV Aprile, I had the chance to meet really wonderful people,  mostly designers and foodlovers.
Here is a short review of the most interesting ones.

juicy cycling

  • Juicy Cycling by Olga Goloshchapova and Olga Becker (Russia-Kazakhstan)
    A funny way to link cycling fever to the passion for fruit: Olga and Olga worked freaking hard to explain everyone what’s going on after you sit on their juicycles! But few seconds were enough to let people literally go bananas! 🙂


mezzo mercato mezzo atelier

  • Mezzo Mercato by Mezzo Atelier (Italy – Portugal)is a funny modular assembly of outdoor stalls. Selling, preparing and eating food are just some of the possible way to enjoy these iconic handmade furniture! Versatility and functionality rule here!

[pics via]

  • La Cheminambule by Amandine Lagut and Charlotte Thon (France)
    Everyone dreamt at least once to meet a mobile fire to warm up the freaking cold nights. These two french designers made it real! A huge umbrella covers a big table: the fireplace is easy to turn on and off, everything can be folded into a wooden box, movable by a normal bycicle.


Dulcis in fundo,
just let me mention one of the most amazing pavillon I have ever seen!

“Light is Time”  by Citizen in Triennale left me totally breathless.



See ya! x




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  1. Misterkappa in ha detto:

    Bel post, mi piace! 🙂

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