Garbugli0 eats different…and you? :)

Turkish love to make every food super salty, Kurdish are definitely looow sodium.
When you start cooking for someone, somehow you get closer and you keep knowing him/her better dish after dish.
As my friend Rey said once, everyone of us has the specific taste of something:

Ale and Patrick taste like beer, Rey more like lemon,
Vildan is definitely chocolate and mint.

I do believe that. Infinite are the ingredients all over the world, infinite and unique we are.

For this reason why should we stand always in the mainstream cuisine?
If you are a food curious willing to explore the gorgeous food universe or just lookýng for some new recipes more suitable for your diet (veg, low fat, lacto intolerant, celiac…)

Eat different by Cucina Mancina is the right solution to your wanderings!

eat different
The first creative recipe-book for food lefties is now available in the best bookshops all over Italy (unfortunately, at the moment it’s just in italian…but soon good news for english speakers as well!)
Cooking for your everyday dinner or celebrating a special occasion with your guests? Doesn’t matter!
Eat Different will catch even the hardest palate!

And if you are not in Italy (like me) and you can’t hold the book in your hands now (aaargh!),
don’t miss the chance to check out the website…
its superfriendly community is waiting for you to join!


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