Street food, some observations.

Street food is quite a some thing nowadays.

Magazines, journalists and food artists just recently started rediscovering the charm of this ‘nomadic’ cuisine. Even though G0 does not like the glossy attitude of some of them, somehow we appreciate whatever attempt to heighten the sensibility for Local and traditional food culture.

Maybe because of living in Istanbul and the huge and marvellous street vendors’  variety (perfectly capable to feed you from the breakfast till the late night hangover hunger) g0 realized that in the street gastronomy there are specific values involved that most of the times we’re talking are not considered.

  • Street food is pretty cheap. No money required for renting a place, neither for bills (and often taxes) or hava parasi: the only shelter is the sky.  Ok, there are still the authorization fees to pay but in most cases the best investment is in good shoes and performing wheels. (Catch your stuff and run if the police is pointing at you)
  • Every kind of street food deeply shape the identity of the Place. What would Istanbul look like without simit? what London without chips? what Bari without bread&shit?!
  • Street food trolleys are  masterpieces of functionality and ergonomics. street food vendorThe ability to cook, prepare and serve any dish combining all the necessities in a small element, easy to drive, clean and handle in every weather has developed an unbelievable assortment of models.
  • The choice of eating on the street is a matter of Trust. Before i moved to Istanbul, I was reading a guide with some comments and tips about Istanbulian citylife. It was not recommending to eat on the street in order to avoid aches and so on. If I would have taken those advices, today I’d not feel so much into the Spirit of The City.  Yea, taking your meal on the street could be a risk: maybe you could find food not fresh enough, maybe dirty but maybe not.   A kind of alchemy happens between you and the trolley-man everytime you are walking so hungry with few coins in your poket.  After all, are you so sure that the kinky hamburger you are eating in the BigChain fast food has decent quality ingredients and moreover has been processed in a proper way? I don’t guess. Sometimes we are used to trust more a shitty brand than our neighbour. How come?


BTW, here is the picture I took in  March 2013 in the delicious Balik Pazar in Karakoy. This photo has been selected in the last October as finalist in Street food Photo Contest. check here all the pics!

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