Pensiero della cena

ok, let’s say: Turkish cuisine is awesome as the Italian one.

The dishes’ variety
the richness of local traditions
the complexity of tecniques make both of them
incredibly charming and… irresistible.

Differently from other culinary cultures, which have simply  undergone italian pasta
keeping the same name for it
(without any precise idea on how to cook it)

in Turkish cuisine there is a specific word
for the most beloved italian food: Makarna!
(whose etimology for sure is linked to maccherone)


the role in the meal is quite different from Pasta,
here in Turkey it’s considered as a sidedish (like pilav!)
mostly appreciated in the oven version.

Just remember of it:


Moreover something funny: 

if you’ll ask for Pasta in Turkey they’re going to bring you a cake!*

*from a true story.


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