Metti una sera a cena… = what if a dinner ?!?

Dear Garbugli0,

hope that this post finds you well,

I know that you’re playing a waiting game, trying to push away this onerous task…

but it’s time to write in English! So, I give you the opportunity to start talking on a topic you can feel confident with: TELL ME…WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON?!


Some posts ago, I’ve introduced you the concept of “Metti una sera a Cena”, an urban participation project, whose goal is to plan and set up an urban dinner in the neighbourhood of Via Leuca in Lecce. Since 2009, this neighbourhood has been subject of an urban regeneration process promoted by the Municipality of Lecce, through the association LUA (Laboratorio Urbano Aperto). These renewal actions, mainly focused on a road system improvement (pedestrian street, slow traffic area, and so on..), need to be shared and appreciated by local inhabitants.
In this context, the purpose of XScape Lab, a cultural association involved on city and contemporary territory research, with its last work  “Metti una sera a Cena” is to prepare the huge neighbourhood Dinner together with Lecce inhabitants,  getting them in the area redevelopment actions.

For the occasion, MOMANG Design – a team composed by 4 young designers Giandomenico Florio, Francesco Marella, Riccardo Pavone, Emanuele Pagliara – designed Q-CINA, a minimal and funny mobile kitchen,  for wild street cuisine!

have a look here!

The Dinner is going to be on saturday 6th October 2012 in Via Rossini, but since the15th of September XScape has set up several events to get ready for the amazing night!

Here some numbers:

Saturday 15th September @Parco Tafuro > Creative happy hour…

Sat 22nd & sun 23rd Sept > Traditional cuisine workshop (from Puglia to Sri Lanka and return!)

Sat 29th & sun 30th Sept > Dinner decoration design workshop

if you wanna follow the project updates, you can find here freshly pressed news on it!

NOW. All this stuff to tell you about the graphic concept (!!!), designed by Garbugli0.

It’s composed by:
– a poster dedicated to the Dinner,
– a poster showing the entire calendar,
– the institutional logotype,
– the invitation card,
– the ‘happy dinner’ postcard.

This is our last work, we really enjoy working for it, with the hope you’ll appreciate it with the same fun we had, doing it. If you want to look at the whole graphic work, click here.

enjoy! 😉

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